Trouble falling Asleep?
Researchers at Stanford are partnering with adults who meet the criteria of delayed sleep phase syndrome to investigate potential treatment with Lemborexant. Help advance clinical research and join our study today!
Conducted in Stanford, CA
Compensation Provided
18+ years old
Quick Overview
People who are unable to fall asleep within two hours of desired bedtime
Study Background
Our researchers want to help people fall asleep faster.

Stanford has partnered with Eisai and UCSF to explore the potential benefits of a medication called Lemborexant in delayed sleep phase syndrome. Lemborexant is a melatonin agonist currently used to treat insomnia. If you want to go to sleep 2 hours or more before you usually do, but cannot fall asleep any earlier, you may have delayed sleep phase syndrome and could be eligible for this study.

Participating in this research study may help investigators to develop better treatments for delayed sleep phase syndrome in the future. Join our compensated study today!
Additional Information